About Us

Welcome to Wax to the Macs.

My name  is Kara and I am the founder and creator of Wax to the Macs and am from the coastal town of Newcastle NSW Australia. 

I have always loved how a scent can bring back so many memories of something, someone or somewhere. During the pandemic when we were in lockdown I loved that I could light a candle and I could smell the beach or feel like I was back at my favorite coffee shop. As well as having a nice smell, candles can bring comfort and relaxation to your home so I love that I am able to create something that will bring happiness to you.

I am also a big believer in self care. For me after a long day one of the things I loved doing to relax was light a candle, run a bath and soak the stress away - or scrub it away if it was one of those days! At home spa days were something I looked forward to and I hope my products are something that can achieve that feeling for you too.

I am still working on more behind the scene products that I hope I can share with you in the future!